A Positive Time for Change


Ahhh spring...! After a long, cold winter, who couldn’t use a little warmth and sunshine? With the rising temperatures come blooming flowers and lush green plants. Mother Nature transforms as she brings the dormant plant life, well, back to LIFE!

For many of us, this feeling is quite familiar. It’s no coincidence that the word “spring” is also a verb: “to rise, to come into being” and “to jump rapidly upward or forward.” A fresh opportunity to start anew, spring is the beginning of a universal life cycle that inspires —and sometimes pushes—us to change from the inside out.

This is the time to fully enter “the new me” phase, leaving behind the sloth associated with the winter slack and the holiday binging; the time to get active again and prep our bodies for summer... and our own inner selves to take on the world! We look back at the lessons learned, we commit to doing more, being better, and dreaming bigger.

One thing’s for sure: whether you choose to feed your intellect or feed your soul in the pursuit of your goals, you need your body in order to take action! As they say, our body is a temple. We must care for it, cleanse it, and nourish it properly. (Good thing MONAT can help in this area ;).)

What actions will you take to transform this year?