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B ecause of MONAT, I was able to travel to Europe to meet up with my husband during a port visit while he is deployed with the U.S. Navy. Without MONAT, there’s no way our trip could have happened!

As a Military Spouse, there are certain things you take as a given: you’ll go extended periods of time without seeing your spouse, you never go to the Commissary on a payday, and you have to learn to budget, since a job for you is never guaranteed.
Now that I’m in business with MONAT, the third item is no longer a given for me. I’ve built a business that I’ll be able to take with me no matter where we’re stationed, and one that will continue to grow and thrive, allowing me time to live my life and be both Mom and Dad to our children while my husband is deployed.
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During this current deployment, not only was I able to see my kids off on the bus in the morning and be there when they came home in the afternoon, I was also able to volunteer as Room Mom for my 3rd grader’s class for the year, and as a Center Helper for my kindergartner’s class once a week.
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It is not a stretch to say those things would not have been possible without MONAT, as I would have been working 40+ hours a week in my former career as a licensed Insurance Adjuster.

My husband’s job is about our freedom as a country. Mine is about freedom, too, just on a different scale—the freedom to live my life, be there for my kids when they need me, and having the means to meet up with my husband in Europe!

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