The Benefits of Staying Positive

Life is full of cycles. Ups and downs. Ends and beginnings. Problems and solutions. WHAT can we do to stay positive through great challenges in life? HOW can we possibly remain optimistic all the time?

If you think about it, we usually know what we need to do and how to do it in order to achieve the results we want. We know how to lose weight, make new friends, earn more money; but many times knowing what or how doesn’t really inspire us to do anything at all!Take staying positive, for example. Some believe this is a key sine qua non of life. WHY? Well, perhaps that’s exactly the question we’re missing!

As we celebrate Positive Attitude Month, we share with our readers three good reasons to keep an assertive outlook on life. We’re sure you can find many more!

Why Stay Positive?

Because it makes us stronger
Contrary to what some people might believe, being optimistic does not disconnect us from reality. We do need to separate fact from fiction, though, but this also means not giving power to our negative thoughts. Instead, by staying positive we allow ourselves to remain focused and confident, instead of frustrated and fearful, which can limit us in many ways.
Because it helps increase our performance
When we apply positive attitudes, disappointments and losses become learning experiences that empower us to see the bigger picture, make better decisions and keep calm when facing tough situations in the future. This in turn motivates us to rise above any upcoming trials in life and continue giving our best.
Because it keeps us healthy
Researchers have discovered through many fascinating experiments that our words, thoughts, and intentions can impact our bodies positively or negatively. Some suggest that constant negativity can even deteriorate our immune system and others go further to say that having a good attitude can even extend our lifespan.