“There are no excuses for not reaching your goals”

The idea of being your own boss is fantastic... but then you have to actually be your own boss! You have to hold yourself accountable. You can do MONAT part-time or full-time, but once you decide, you have to actually give it your time. If you can only give MONAT 10 or 15 hours a week, give 100% of yourself to those hours. No excuses!

We all have a lot of demands on our time. Balancing career, family, life, and MONAT are indispensable to success. Besides MONAT, I have a newborn and two boys, I do a good deal of acting and modeling (and traveling), and life puts a lot on my plate. I joined in September and made it to MMM last month. I’m proud of that, but also humbled by all the support I’ve received from my upline as well as my own team.

So how do you fit MONAT unto a busy life? This is what I’ve found works for me:

  • I start my morning before the kids get up. I open my messages, emails, and chats and start addressing what needs to be addressed in order of importance. I make a few posts and by that time my kids need to get up, dressed, fed and off to school and preschool.
  • While they are gone, I work my business. I look for new people to add into my network, I follow up with current people in my network, I go to my back office and look at where my team leaders are and what they need to rank. I send them screenshots on where they are at and then we communicate on game plans for them and what they plan on doing, if they have leads and how they are following up with them.
  • I am in constant communication with my leaders, helping them and their teams to achieve their goals. With such a strong support system, there are no excuses for not reaching your goals.
  • I host monthly meetings at my home to ensure everyone is on the same page. With new people constantly joining, I feel it important to make sure they are up to speed with the team.
And yes, I do all this with a newborn who I am nursing and two other children. My baby is at all my meetings; I don't let that be an excuse to let the momentum slide for my business. I don't want the wheel to stop spinning and I just make things work! I have to thank my parents, husband, and in-laws for the support with the children. There was no maternity leave for me. I retired my in-home nail salon and went right into Monat 5-6 months pregnant. I was even helping one of my leaders during delivery.
Haha, I truly am a no-excuse leader! I give everything I have in me to help grow strong leaders. In a year, my team will be filled with Market Mentors! We are on fire and we are all going for it. I am so proud of my team!! They are amazing!