What is the WWITOS Pledge?

Let’s Make a Pledge in Honor of Women Walking in their Own Shoes Month

As thewwitospledge.com says, "the Women Walking in Their Own Shoes™ (WWITOS) Pledge is an agreement you make with yourself. By making this agreement, you are saying 'I am 100% responsible for my life.' The Pledge is a 'YES' to becoming your best self and creating your best life. It is simple, yet it holds the power to transform your life."

In a nutshell, the pledge is to remind you of your reason for succeeding. It is an opportunity to reclaim your life, reaffirm your commitment to your personal and professional goals, and create the life you desire and deserve.

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So what does this have to do with MONAT?
A lot.

More and more women are starting to realize the many benefits of having their own business, which is why there’s been a rise in people joining multi-level marketing programs—or as we like to call them, social marketing companies.

Let’s be real. Punching a time card at the wee hours of the morning is no longer sought after. People are becoming increasingly aware that if they want to live a “happy and fulfilling life,” they better find a way to do it on their own. With such an insecure job market, and awful hours with low pay, many women are flocking to the internet searching for ways to create their own wealth, on their own time.

When we decided to feature this pledge on our blog, we quickly realized how similar the messaging behind WWITOS month is to our Real People, Real Possibilities Facebook campaign.

Real People, Real Possibilities is a social media campaign that addresses the different motives why people join MONAT. It features raw, unedited, honest content from our Independent Market Partners who are predominately women.

The campaign showcases real people who have started to live again thanks to MONAT. Check out their entries, here.

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So here’s to you: the women who walk in their own shoes. The women who talk the talk but also “walk the walk.” Keep shining!

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