Why Regional Events Matter

There are many great reasons why MONAT Market Partners should be at a Spring Forward! Regional Event. This much is clear: If top Field Leaders like Senior Executive Director Toni Vanschoyck make attending a priority, Market Partners at all levels should as well.

I am really looking forward to our Spring Forward! Regionals. Events like these are a big deal. It is so important to stay connected with other Market Partners and Home Office. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and Regionals are a great place to learn new skills and expand your knowledge.


You will hear and learn from your top leaders, the amazing Home Office staff, and of course Ray, Sr. Luis, and Stuart, who are wonderful speakers and teachers. I have learned so much from our past events and these Regional Events will prove invaluable!


You will also learn key points to fuel your business, your personal development, and how to grow, teach and coach your teams. Also, the people you meet and the relationships you develop will be lifelong! Statistically speaking, “those that show up, go up.” There is proof in that saying! I really believe attending a regional will grow your paycheck*. Mentor with other leaders, meet and plug into your teams, and learn, learn, learn! That’s what regionals are all about!

*MONAT makes no guarantees that attending a regional event will result in increased compensation. All earnings are based on product sales.